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IDA Patcher for Windows

Not too long ago I found myself needing to patch a .dll with a .dif file produced from IDA, after a very quick and admittedly quite lazy google turned up nothing I decided I needed to just write a quick one. I figured I would share with you the result.

It’s quite simple, select the target file you wish to patch and select a .dif file with the patches you wish to make. Note: the .dif files produced by IDA…

WordPress Crayon Plugin

So as I’ve been designing this blog I decided I needed a good syntax highlighter as hopefully I’ll be posting lots of yummy source code for all kinds of interesting things. After a little while of searching I discovered found Crayon Syntax Highlighter by Aram Kocharyan, in short. WOW. This plugin is wonderful, uses jQuery and boasts a robust, but elegant syntax highlighting schema.

Hands down this plugin has been wonderful to use in every way, the only think…

Using PKs C# to PHP

So lately I’ve been seeing more and more C# application talking to the web, web interaction and applications is something that can be beneficial to both the end user and the developer making a plethora of things simpler and streamlined. However while talking two and from you application one needs to make sure the information is secure at all times.

There are several methods to doing this, and one way is using public, private key-pair cryptography. In the example below I’ve…