DeadFish.Lib PHP Hashing

I recently saw a post on forrst.com about safely (or as safe as possible) storing a hash of a users password. So I figured I would share my DeadFish PHP library that implements adaptive hashes using blowfish and it’s algorithm’s keying schedule. Library is fairly simple to use while allowing users to customize it, via […]

HashIt C++ (Source Code)

So here is a little app I’ve been calling HashIt it’s a simple rehash / resigner for Windows, Linux and Mac and I’ve included the source as well. This all kind of came into play as decided I wanted to learn more about STFS and what better way to make a quick and clean rehash […]


So first up I’m taking a bit of time to play with the site layout of zeropair.com. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now and finally got around to it. Updates on the Fallout Qt front, well it’s ready to keep it short, however I’m not releasing it yet as there […]

STFS Block Busting

So while playing around with the small block nands on the XBOX 360 I also decided it would be a good idea to expand my knowledge of the Secure Transfer File System (STFS) and created a nice c++ class that breaks out STFS files into “data blocks” and “hash blocks” at a size of 0×1000 […]