Commit 2fb58a5a authored by Sean O'Donnell's avatar Sean O'Donnell

Gname changes

parent 8e3d18ca
......@@ -50,8 +50,13 @@ class ProcessProcesses implements ShouldQueue
foreach(json_decode($processes->processes) as $p)
// Check for which game we can use.
$gname = !empty($p->PWName)? Game::where('name', $p->PName)->orWhere('name', $p->PWName)->first() : Game::where('name', $p->PName)->first();
if($gname != null)
$gname = Game::where('name', $p->PWName)->first();
$gname = Game::where('name', $p->PName)->first();
$games[] = $gname;
// Search the games for the activity
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